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Presentation Slides

I presented at the KOTESOL International Conference today.  I was a bit overwhelmed by the numbers – I didn’t expect nearly that many.  Thanks to all those who came and attended, and thanks to those who shared their ideas.  Here are the slides from my presentation; I’ve added a few more slides to give a few more examples.  Any more ideas?  I’d love to hear them.

12 Types of Task for Speaking Tests plus


Update: Here are slides from a recent presentation on the same topic at Seoul National University of Science and Technology.

SeoulTech Presentation

KOTESOL 2012 International Conference

I’m speaking at the KOTESOL International Conference in Seoul tomorrow.  My talk will be titled “12 Types of Task for Speaking Tests.”  I’ll be talking about different tasks that can be used when designing speaking tests, with the focus on progress tests, that is, the kind used for midterms or finals in an English class.  The 12 tasks are:

  1. Question & Answer
  2. Preference w/ Choice
  3. Information Gap
  4. Picture Description
  5. Interactive Tasks
  6. Storytelling
  7. Data Description
  8. Comparisons
  9. Giving Advice
  10. Giving Instructions
  11. Expressing Opinions
  12. Advantages & Disadvantages

I’ll be putting some samples of speaking test materials up here soon.